Air Sampling

Air Sampling and Analysis

Ekwall provides a full range of air sampling and analysis services and equipment, including air quality monitoring, air quality testing and mold testing. We can help you choose the best and most economical air quality sampling method by providing options that include active sampling methods, passive sampling methods, real-time direct read instrumentation and detector tubes. We will provide you with expertise pertaining to hundreds of compounds and we’ll help you pick out the appropriate media. Please call or contact us for detailed information.

Air Quality Analysis

The Ekwall method uses our universal solvent system allows for a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to be collected on the same media. Ekwall can perform air quality analysis of samples using a single analytical method with acceptable recoveries for all analytes. In addition to the single universal extraction, VOCs are now analyzed using dual column confirmation.

Air Quality Monitoring

Ekwall offers equipment for passive air quality monitoring and active air quality monitoring methods. We can help you find the most cost-effective monitoring solution that meets your specific need.