ekwall water damage

My Experience and Recommendation of Shane Ekwall of Ekwall Company Inc. My 2-story condominium recently suffered a pinhole leak in a plumbing pipe inside the drywall of a bathroom. Since it was inside the wall and ran down the pipe, it was not discovered until it had saturated underneath the bathroom vanity. My plumber repaired the leak but, by that time, the moisture had caused mold to develop behind the drywall. It was necessary to consult a mold remediation company and Shane Ekwall came highly recommended. I have owned property for more than thirty years and know there how easily one can fall prey to misinformation and vendors who try to convince you that situations are more serious than they really are and require extraordinary measures to remedy. My first call was after business hours and Shane promptly returned my call. From this first conversation with Shane, I knew I had an honest, fair and professional expert because he willingly took as much time as I needed to understand exactly what was discovered and precisely what needed to be done. He walked me through the plumber’s discoveries and carefully explained his company’s remediation process. For the professional level of work he offered, I felt he tried to keep costs reasonable and he did not pressure me at all into making decisions to move forward. I hired Ekwall Company and received the attention to detail, follow-through, quick communication and thoroughly professional work that Shane had promised. The work entailed removal of drywall, vanity, countertop, toilet, faucets and other fixtures, followed by a complete drying process. His crew was timely, courteous, and the rest of my property was properly protected from dust, drywall removal, and contamination. Their cleanup was also excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Shane and his company for any water/moisture/mold remediation job. Thank you, Shane and crew for your excellent work and patient care throughout the process.

Sandra - Homeowner
ekwall water damage

Shane Ekwall was recommended by an independent mold inspector after the mold inspection indicated a problem in our home. I called Shane and he came out to inspect our problem the next afternoon. He was very thorough in assessing the individual mold problems that were discovered in our living/dining room and upstairs bath. The cleanup work started a couple days later with sealing off the areas with plastic curtains, removal and cleaning of the areas. HEPA fans were left in place for 3 days, then another air sample taken by the independent inspection service. The second test confirmed that the mold had been completely removed.

I was completely satisfied with Shane’s professionalism, courtesy and efficiency. Every aspect of the job was well explained to me. Prior to the start of work, I was provided with a contract that also clearly identified the work to be done, timetable and cost. This was a very good experience. My wife was suffering from an unknown skin rash prior to our discovery of the mold. We quickly got the professionals involved and after a month, my wife’s health is improving. I do not know the direct medical link, but I suspect that the she was sensitive to the mold. If you have or suspect that you have a mold problem, act quickly to get it resolved – left untreated it will only get worse. I would recommend The Ekwall Company 100%.

Doug Nelson - Homeowner

ekwall water damage

While deployed, my wife contacted your company for an assessment of what we thought was mold. Ekwall let her know that the mold was merely on the surface, and it would be no problem to take care of. You all could have easily taken her on a ride, and scared her into doing major work. I appreciate your honesty.

Derek C. - Homeowner

In November of 2007 Ekwall Company was contracted to do some environmental clean up of two town homes in a community I manage in Palm Springs. Once contacted, the owner of the Company, Shane Ekwall, immediately came out to the site and provided a clear plan and cost of doing the clean up work. Shane and his crew showed up on time and worked extremely hard in getting the work done in a tight time frame. Shane and his crew went the extra mile to get this done.

Shane was great at communicating with the homeowners and the developer, keeping them informed all the way through the process and at keeping the emotion attached to this process at a minimum. As a property manager I greatly appreciated this.

Ekwall Company does an excellent job and I would not hesitate to hire them again. As a property manager I deal with contractors regularly and I cannot say that about the majority of them, but Shane and his crew are the best.

John Wiesner - Portfolio Manager Palms Springs Management Group

In August of 2007 I was in a very stressful time, I had just opened a 30 days escrow on a new house and at the same time a 30 day escrow on the house I had owned for 4 years. My house of 4 years was located in Cardiff By The Sea and is a picturesque beauty with modern lines and beautiful ocean view. The buyer had an inspection done and also requested a mold inspection, never having smelt mold in the house I was not worried. Upon inspection it was determined that my downstairs bathroom and bedroom needed to have mold remediation. Now as a seller this is a nightmare, I was prepared to walk away from both escrows when I found Shane Ekwall of the Ekwall Company. Shane came in and promised me a fast remediation and a clean test once he was done with his work.

To Ekwall Company’s credit , he did the proper remediation . He was very careful to not cause any contamination to adjoining rooms and he finished within the timeline and cost estimate he had given me. With Shanes help I was still able to close both escrows. I highly recommend Shane Ekwall and the Ekwall Company for any remediation needs you might have.

Steve B. - Homeowner

My wife and I hired Ekwall company to remove and remediate an extensive toxic mold problem throughout the home we just purchased after speaking with 5 different services. We were concerned about the actual cost VS “the estimate”, health issues, quality of work, and responsiveness. We we worried that little to any part of our kitchen would be left in the interim between removal and reconstruction. We chose Ekwall company because:

  • Ekwall company provided a fair price for excellent service.
  • We received a “straight-talk” explanation of what would need to be done and the steps that would be taken in the process to remove the mold from our home and how to ensure it would not return.
  • A fair estimate that explained when and what would be done and where potential concerns had arisen.
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  • Understanding in regards to “our situation” as we still had to continue living in the house after drywall, cabinetry, and carpets had been removed.
  • Accountability in-terms of meeting a proposed task list and time table.

As horrific as a toxic mold experience can be, ours was well on the road to recovery by choosing Ekwall company.

Bob and Cindy S. - Homeowners

Shane and his crew were professional, trustworthy, courteous and thorough. We’ve had a lot of people work on our home remodel and we consider Ekwall Company at the top of our list of favorites. We just wish he did more than mold remediation!

Steve and Robyn D. - Homeowner

I want to thank you for your dedication and professionalism concerning the assessment, treatment and remediation of the moisture and potential mold issues recently discovered at our rental condo.

Your presentation to the tenants relieved them of their concerns; your suggested treatments were reasonable and complete. Your excellent crew performed all tasks on schedule and in a timely manner during the remediation process. Your repair staff put everything back in perfect manner so the kitchen looked great.

Your suggestion of a certified air quality technician provided us with the final guarantee the environment was in normal range of fungal activity. I would suggest your company’s services to anyone that wants an honest assessment of the issues at hand, and a professional crew to perform any remediation necessary to complete the tasks at hand.

May I also add that all organizations get their lead from the owner and president of the company, Shane your leadership makes your Ekwall Company a success.

Skip S. - Owner/Landlord

ekwall water damage

It went great. I would need a week to write what actually happened, so I will condense… It was a two-year leak issue, that nobody could pin point. Shane came highly recommended, and he surpassed that description. Honest, trustworthy, reasonably priced, efficient, professional, respectful, etc. Yes, etc., because there is nothing bad to say. There was a lot of work to do, in 3 rooms of my home, due to water damage and mold. He took it all on and now I am so happy. Soooo happy!

Christina B. - Homeowner