Water Damage

Water Damage Process

Flood damage is a serious concern in Southern California, and can result in substantial damage to a home. This damage can manifest itself in a number of ways – from swollen floors and cabinetry to the growth of bacteria inside walls. This damage can also come from leaky roofs, broken pipes or a water main leak. We are prepared to respond immediately and begin the process of water damage-control and water damage repair in and around San Diego.

If you sustain a flood in your home or business, Ekwall Co. can help. We have been handling flood removal for many major corporations in the San Diego area for the past 20 years. Our professional team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our approach to Water Damage begins with a walk through of the damaged home or business to access what needs to be done. We then begin the extraction of water with our high-powered flood extractors. Unlike other companies that are very anxious to tear the padding out from under your carpet, adding to the extra cost of replacement, we can save your carpet and padding, guaranteeing that they will be dry, clean, and sanitized, so that it looks like it did prior to the water damage or better. Also, where there are wet carpets, in most cases you have wet structure.

Our Special Drying Process

We have a special drying process for structure to restore it to its pre-flood conditions. Our unique equipment is used by our professionally trained technicians in water damage restoration and restorative drying work. Its specifically designed for structural cavities like those between studs in walls or wet insulation, between joists in floors and ceilings, under and behind cabinets, above door and window headers, and many other areas that are difficult to access with other drying systems.

If you have any questions or concerns before or after our service, please call us immediately! We don’t want satisfied customers; we want thrilled clients who will call us again and again. If you are thrilled with our service, please tell your friends and neighbors, or let your carpets speak for themselves! If you’re displeased than let us know!